​​All Maryland State Government Departments and Agencies have a Veterans Services Specialist (VSS) or 'liaison' who can provide general veteran-related information to State employees who have served in the military or who have family members who have served in the military.  The Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) Outreach and Advocacy Program works alongside liaisons to share information and improve veteran services coordination.

The primary mission of the Maryland State Police Military Liaison is to assist deploying members of the MSP family serving in the National Guard and Reserves. The liaison also serves as the primary point of contact between the Maryland State Police and  the United States Military regarding a wide variety of MSP/Military missions.

Lt. Patrick Metzger
 Maryland State Police Veterans Services Specialist (VSS) 

​The MDVA Outreach and Advocacy Program is charged with informing veterans and family members on services, benefits, and assistance available to them from the State and Federal governments. The Outreach and Advocacy Program is capable of discussing VA benefits and how to connect with a variety of veteran related resources.

                                                         MDVA Outreach and Advocacy Program                                                    
Dana Burl, Director

Denise Nooe, Deputy Director