Field Operations Bureau

Lieutenant Colonel Roland L. Butler, Jr., Bureau Chief

1201 Reisterstown Road
Pikesville, MD 21208-3899


The Field Operations Bureau is the
most visible part of the Maryland State
Police since it includes all troopers
who regularly interact with the publi​c.
Within the Bureau are commands:
the Northern Command and Southern
Command which together
encompass the 23 barracks​.

The Northern Command is divided into the Central, Northern, and Western troops and the Southern Command is divided into the Eastern, Southern, and Washington Metro troops.


In addition to the traditional law
enforcement services, each 
also provides additional services to
assist the public. These services
include events such as an annual
food drive, book collection, salvage
inspections and car seat safety checks.

For a full listing of services, as well as the days and times they are offered, please select a barrack.

Click here to learn more about the barracks and the services they provide.