Firearms SafetyTraining Course

What Is It

The Firearms Safety Training Course is a course of instruction which includes classroom instruction on state firearm law, home firearm safety, handgun mechanisms and operation, and a component that requires the applicant demonstrate the ability to safely fire a handgun.

Who Needs It

Handgun Qualification License Applicant (effective October 1, 2013)

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Wear and Carry Permit Applicant (effective October 1, 2013)

  • New applicant - minimum 16 hours of instruction by a Qualified Handgun Instructor
  • Renewal applicant - minimum 8 hours of instruction by a Qualified Handgun Instructor


A Wear and Carry Permit applicant is not required to complete the firearms safety training course if they:

  1. Are an active law enforcement officer of the United States, the State of Maryland, or any local law enforcement agency of Maryland.
  2. A person who retired in good standing from any of the above law enforcement agencies.
  3. Are an active or retired member or honorably discharged member of the United States Armed Forces or the National Guard.
  4. Are a Qualified Handgun Instructor.
  5. Have completed a firearms safety training course approved by the Maryland State Police.

How To Get It

A list of Qualified Handgun Instructors is available online here.